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  • Which do you prefer, morning or evening?
    It is recommended to experience early in the morning. The flight rate is high, and the flight while watching the sunrise is the best! The sunset is beautiful, but the wind tends to be stronger than in the morning. Therefore, there are many cases where it is canceled or the shaking becomes large.
  • 自身のスマホやカメラの持ち込みは可能でしょうか?
    可能です。たくさん写真や動画をとって、思い出に残してください! オプションのGoproカメラやドローンは、お持ちでない方のために用意しています。 ご自身でお持ちのカメラがあれば、ご自由にご利用ください。 ストラップなど体と固定できるものをご用意いただくと落とす心配もなく撮影を楽しんでいただけます。 また、自撮り棒の持ち込みも問題ございません。 ただし、他ゲストと相乗りしている場合は、ご迷惑にならないようご使用くださいませ。
  • What is the difference between the free flight experience and the balloon workshop (mooring experience)?
    The big difference is whether or not it is connected to the ground with a rope. The balloon workshop is a mooring flight that is connected to the ground with a rope, with a maximum altitude of about 30m and a flight time of about 10 minutes. In addition to that, we have prepared a lot of photogenic points, and you can learn about history while carefully explaining everything from balloon assembly to collection. It is a content that you can enjoy. *Minimum number of participants: 4 Click here to make a reservation for the balloon workshop (mooring experience)! The free flight experience is not connected with a rope and flies with the wind, depending on the weather conditions, the maximum altitude is about 1000m, and the flight time is about 45 to 60 minutes. The main thing is to experience the flight in the original way of flying a balloon, and here is the flight that you are doing overseas. Click here to book your free flight experience!
  • Is there a parking lot at the meeting place?
    Both "Skyfield Watarase Bank" and "SOLABASE" have free parking lots, so don't worry.
  • Can I choose between morning and evening flights?
    In the case of the balloon workshop (mooring experience), it is held in the morning and evening from October to March, so you can choose. From April to September, it is only available in the morning, so you cannot choose the evening. The free flight experience is only available in the morning, so you cannot choose it in the evening. The reason is that the balloon is a vehicle that is very affected by the wind, and the wind tends to blow in the evening, so the probability of free flight is low.
  • What is the difference between a request reservation and a normal reservation with availability?
    Request reservations are running low on availability. Since we are going through multiple reservation sites, we will contact you to confirm the reservation after confirming that we can definitely guide you. Regular availability can be confirmed immediately.
  • Do you offer same-day reception or on-site payment?
    Same-day registration and on-site payment are not available. We ask that you make a reservation by 12:00 4 days in advance and pay in advance 3 days in advance. The reason is that it is necessary to prepare in advance in order to prepare the equipment and crew, and to grasp changes in weather information. In addition, we ask all visitors to give an explanation and make a pledge in advance, so we hope that you will come to the experience with a well-prepared state.
  • Where is the meeting place?
    Varies depending on experience, weather conditions, and reservation status. We will inform you by e-mail at the time of reservation, so please do not make a mistake. ①Meeting place for the mooring experience On the bank of Skyfield (36°15'16.4"N 139°40'53.6"E) Route map link *If you try to go directly with Google Maps, etc., there is a car stop on the way, and large vehicles may not be able to pass. Please follow the indicated route. ② Free flight experience ・SOLABASE (1663-1 Onobukuro, Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture) Map link *The free flight experience may be changed to "Sky Field Watarase Embankment" depending on the weather conditions.
  • Will I get a refund if I cancel?
    Flight tickets (valid for 1 year) are non-refundable once purchased. However, refunds will only be given if there are four or more weather cancellations within the validity period. If you want a refund at the time of cancellation, please make a reservation from ActivityJapan please.
  • Is it possible to board with pets?
    Balloon Workshop (mooring experience) only. However, please note that we do not provide insurance for injuries. In order to ensure the safety of your dog during the experience, please wear a harness with a leash or a short lead. In addition, we ask that the owner manages them responsibly. Please refrain from dogs who get excited or bark or who don't like loud noises. Please ensure that each pet has at least one owner. Example) If you have 2 pets, 2 owners will board The trial fee is 12,000 yen regardless of size. For free flight experience, please refrain from doing so. Because you can't get off right away, it's difficult to deal with in case of an emergency. Thank you for your understanding.
  • I can't speak Japanese.Is it OK?
    English-speaking pilot will be available.
  • Is it possible for one person to experience it?
    Both the balloon workshop experience and the free flight experience are possible at our club for one person. Many flight clubs operate from 2 people, but we would like as many people as possible to experience it. However, only the balloon workshop can be held with a minimum of 4 people, so if the number of participants is not reached, the event will be cancelled. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Can elderly people and wheelchairs board?
    The standards are different for the balloon workshop and the free flight experience. In the case of the balloon workshop, elderly people and wheelchairs can board. However, if the weather is expected to cause large tremors, boarding may be refused. In the case of the free flight experience, the basic criteria for boarding is ``whether you can take a passive role yourself''. Therefore, wheelchair users are not allowed to board. Elderly passengers will be required to take this point into consideration when boarding under stricter flight implementation standards.
  • What is the weather criteria for cancellation?
    The tour will also be canceled in the event of rain, snow, ground wind speed (3m/s or higher), or if a dense fog warning is issued. The reason we only start the experience early in the morning or in the evening is because we choose a time when the wind is likely to calm down. (For more information, see (About balloons: "Why so early in the morning?").) However, it can be windy and unstable weather. Especially during the afternoon experience and during the rainy season, the atmospheric conditions tend to be unstable and there is a high possibility of cancellation. Please note that hot air ballooning is a vehicle that is easily affected by the weather, so it is a decision made with safety in mind.
  • What time is the meeting? What happens if I am late?
    Meeting times vary each day to adjust for sunrise and weather. Morning experiences are 30 minutes before sunrise unless otherwise specified. Evening experience is 2 hours before sunset. Based on the sunrise and sunset times in Saitama Prefecture. Please see the link below. koyomi/dni/dni11.html The approximate meeting time is as follows. January-March: Morning 5:00-6:30, Evening 14:30-15:30 April-June: Morning 4:00-5:00, Evening 15:30-17:00 July to September: 4:00 am to 5:00 am, 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm October-December: 5:00-6:30 in the morning, 14:30-15:30 in the evening ​*The free flight experience is only available in the morning. ・If you are late Please contact us in advance and wait for a few minutes. However, if you are late for more than 30 minutes, you may miss the timing to fly and the experience itself may be canceled, so please be careful. If you cancel late, it will be canceled due to customer's convenience, so a cancellation fee of 100% will be charged. Please be careful.
  • Is there a minimum number of people to operate?
    In the case of free flight experience, it is possible to operate from 1 person! The balloon workshop (mooring experience) can be held with a minimum of 4 people.
  • What happens to SOLABASE accommodation if the balloon experience is cancelled?
    Even if the hot air balloon experience is canceled due to bad weather, etc., the following cancellation policy will be applied to the accommodation fee. ■Cancellation Policy NO SHOW (cancellation without contact) 100%100% from reservation date to the day However, if you want to change the date of your stay as well as the hot air balloon experience, you can change the date for free. By adjusting the schedule again and making a reservation with the same content, you can make a reservation for both the hot air balloon experience and accommodation at no additional cost. There is no problem even if the schedule is decided at a later date. In addition, if the balloon experience is canceled more than 4 times in a year due to bad weather, we will refund the full amount of the balloon experience and the accommodation fee. Alternatively, if you purchase the Balloon Experience Cancellation Compensation (3,000 yen/person) option when you make a reservation, you will receive a full accommodation fee even if you cancel less than 4 times in a year due to bad weather, etc. We will refund you. Learn More
  • セカンドジャンプについて
    先約が入っている場合は、セカンドジャンプ(最初の組がフライト終了後、乗り換えて2回目にフライトすること)でのご案内となることがございます。 集合時間は1組目と変わらず、1組目がフライトしている間は地上クルーと共に気球を追跡する体験をしていただき、中間着陸時に乗り換えて、2組目でフライトする形になります。 フライト時間や高度などに差はございませんので、ご安心くださいませ。
  • Do I need insurance to experience it?
    Hot air balloons are insured by Sompo Japan Nipponkoa. Third party compensation: 200 million yen per accident Passenger injury: death 20 million, medical expenses 10,000 yen per day However, it will be handled within this limit, and any additional costs will be borne by you. Also, in the pledge, after confirming this content, we ask that you purchase additional insurance separately if you are concerned. Therefore, we recommend that you join if you are concerned.
  • From what age can children experience the experience?
    Depending on the experience, the age for boarding differs. ①Balloon Workshop You can board even from 0 years old. However, if a person under the age of 13 appears, please be sure to bring a guardian. In addition, depending on the weather, we may refuse boarding of small children or enforce stricter standards if there are small children. When boarding with a child in your arms, please use a carrier or something similar to keep it close to the parent's body. In this case, we do not charge for children. If you have small children, it would be helpful if you could let us know in advance at the time of booking. Also, the burner in the hot air balloon makes a lot of noise, so please be aware that there are many things that can frighten small children. ②Free Flight experience You can board from 6 years old or older. The FreeFlight experience is likely to have a strong impact when landing, so we set the age at which you can take the passive yourself. If a person under the age of 18 appears here, please be sure to be accompanied by a guardian.
  • オーバーウェイト料金について
    体重が81㎏を超える方は(※合計体重ではございません)、10kg超過するごとにオーバーウェイト料金3,000円を頂戴しております。バルーンワークショップ(係留体験)、フリーフライトのみで貸切プランの場合は必要ございません。 例)81∼90㎏:3,000円(数量:1)  91∼100㎏:6,000円(数量:2)  101∼110㎏:9,000円(数量:3)  111∼120㎏:12,000円(数量:4)  121~130kg:15,000円(数量:5)
  • What is a flight ticket?
    This is a ticket that allows you to experience a hot air balloon at the best price compared to other booking sites. Regardless of weekdays and holidays, you can freely change the schedule as long as it is within the expiration date of one year at the same price. When booking flight tickets, please visit here After purchasing a flight ticket from , please specify the schedule from the link in the email sent. *Precautions for use ・Tickets are valid for one year from the date of purchase. ・Refunds are not possible after purchase. If you would like a refund at the time of cancellation, please make a reservation from ActivityJapan. ・Tickets that include a flight experience will be refunded only if there are 4 or more weather cancellations within the validity period.
  • Do you have transportation for the hot air balloon experience?
    Currently, we do not provide transportation. If you need to be picked up for an early morning flight, we would appreciate it if you could stay at our clubhouse, "SOLABASE". Only if you come to SOLABASAE by public transportation and stay overnight, we will pick you up at the meeting place for the balloon workshop (mooring experience), so please let us know when you make a reservation.
  • When is the best season?
    The best season in Japan is autumn to winter, from October to April. The reasons are as follows. ・The climate is easy to stabilize ・Rice fields are cut and the flight area is expanded ・Fuel efficiency is good and you can fly long distances for a long time ・The air is dry and you can see far and the scenery is good However, there is a high probability of cancellation during the rainy season from May to September, ・Since the cloud base is low, it is easy to see the sea of clouds. ・It's not cold early in the morning, so it's easy to get up early. ・You can see the fresh green of the rural scenery unique to Japan. There are charms such as. We hope that you will enjoy the different charms of each season.
  • Where can I find out if the balloon experience is available?
    Check availability from each plan page of ActivityJapan receive.
  • How high can you climb?
    In the case of the balloon workshop (mooring experience), the maximum altitude is about 30m. Due to the safety regulations of the Japan Balloon Federation, you cannot climb above this altitude. For the free flight experience, the maximum altitude is about 1000m. However, because it is the highest altitude specified in the area, it may not be reached every time. Depending on the weather, we will do our best to fly in consideration of safety, but in the case of free flight, the average cruising distance is 500-600m. If it becomes extremely low due to the weather, we will inform you before the experience, and we will implement it after your approval.
  • Can I go to the toilet during the experience?
    Basically, you cannot go to the toilet during the experience (about 3 hours). Please complete this before the meeting. If you must go, there is a high possibility that you will miss the flight time or the timing when you can fly. In that case, the experience itself will be canceled, so please be careful.
  • How much does the experience cost?
    If you purchase a flight ticket, Become. ①Balloon Workshop (mooring experience) ¥12,000/person Opening days: From April to September, it is only held on the mornings of Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Held mornings and evenings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from October to March *There is no child fee. In the case of boarding with a baby in your arms, we can guide you free of charge (please let us know at the time of booking.) Basically, regardless of age or physique, you should be able to stand on your own and be alerted by your parents. A child who understands will pay for one person. ②Free flight experience ¥36,000/person Date: Held every morning ➂Chartered flight experience ¥120,000/group Date: Held every morning About flight tickets
  • フリーフライト体験と貸切プランの違いは何ですか?
    通常フリーフライト体験はフライト中は相乗りでのご案内となりますが、貸切の場合は他のお客様との同乗はございません。 また、4名様以上でお申込みの場合は(合計体重300㎏以内)貸切プランの方がお得にご案内可能です。
  • Can pregnant women board?
    I'm very sorry, but we basically refuse both the balloon workshop and the free flight experience. The hot air balloon may have a strong impact when landing depending on the weather, so there is also a shock to the abdomen at that time, which may affect the fetus. It is also possible to make a reservation at a later date as a gift ticket, so if you are worried, please contact us.
  • Is it possible to make a reservation by phone?
    We are very sorry, but we do not accept phone reservations. Purchase a flight ticket from the SOLABASE website and purchase it online. Please make a reservation.
  • How long is the experience/boarding time?
    Both the balloon workshop (mooring experience) and the free flight experience are about 3 hours from meeting to dissolution. Boarding time is about 10-15 minutes for the balloon workshop and about 30-45 minutes for the free flight experience. These are guidelines and may vary slightly depending on the weather. If it is extremely short due to the weather, we will inform you before the experience, and we will implement it after receiving your approval. *You will not be able to use the restroom during the experience, so please do so in advance.
  • What kind of places can I fly to?
    In the case of a "tethered flight" that is connected to the ground with a rope, it is possible to fly in a place where the following conditions are met. ・A large site of 50m x 50m. ・A flat site where the anchor vehicle can enter. ・An open place with no electric wires around the site. If you are not sure if the venue you are considering is suitable, please feel free to contact us and we will check it with GoogleMap.
  • How many people can ride at one time?
    The maximum number of passengers varies depending on the aircraft. This plane can accommodate 1-2 people. *Photography only. No mooring events This plane can carry about 3-4 people. This plane can carry about 5-6 people.
  • I would like to carry about 100 people at an event, how much will it cost?
    If it is up to 100 people, it is possible for 150,000 yen. In addition, transportation expenses to the venue, accommodation expenses, consumption tax, etc. will be added. Our club offers a limited number of people plan, 150,000 yen for up to 100 people, and 50,000 yen for each additional 30 people. See event page for details Check out the detailed information on !
  • Can you fly at night?
    If it is a "tethered flight" that is connected to the ground with a rope, it is possible to fly at night. The balloon lights up with the flames of the burners and is very pretty. FreeFlight is only available in the early morning.
  • What kind of balloon do you have?
    We currently have three aircraft in our possession. It was used for shooting the 2022SS of LUMINE Omiya, a balloon for 1 to 2 people. *Photography only. No mooring events available There is a space for a 3-4 person balloon and a banner advertisement. This aircraft is used for balloons that carry 5 to 6 people, and when carrying a large number of people at an event. It was used in the drama "Recommendation for Solo Active Girls".
  • What is the fee structure for event mooring?
    There are three price plans: (1) basic plan, (2) 6-hour pack, and (3) limited number of people plan. ① Basic plan: 150,000 yen/first hour, up to 100 people The basic plan is based on the cost up to the first hour, and is added only for the amount performed.20,000 yen will be added for every additional 30 minutes, and 10,000 yen will be added for every 10 additional passengers after 101.Recommended when there are few passengers and you do not know the end time.(Example) In the case of 200 boarding for 3 hours of the eventBasic charge 150,000 yen + extension 2 hours 80,000 yen + 100 additional passengers 100,000 yen = 330,000 yen* In this case, we recommend [Limited number of people plan] ②6 hour pack: 500,000 yen/session The 6-hour pack is a plan that does not cost more than 500,000 yen no matter how many people ride up to 6 hours.Recommended for local governments and corporate events that accept passengers throughout the event. (Transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, options, etc. will be added separately)(Example) Comparison in the event of 400 people for 6 hours・6 hours pack: 500,000 yen・Basic plan: Basic charge 150,000 yen + extension 5 hours 200,000 yen + 500 passengers 400,000 yen = 750,000 yen ③Limited number plan: 150,000 yen/every 100 people The number-limited plan is a plan in which the number of passengers is limited on a reservation basis or on a first-come, first-served basis, and costs are incurred for each number of passengers.Basic charge 150,000 yen for the first 100 people, 50,000 yen for each additional 30 people (rounded down to 29 people)Recommended when there are many passengers or when the number of passengers is limited.(Example) In case of 200 boarding for 3 hours of event150,000 yen for up to 100 people + 150,000 yen for additional 100 people = 300,000 yen Check out this page for more information!
  • How long is one boarding time?
    In the case of a normal mooring flight experience, it takes about 5 minutes from boarding to flight to disembarkation. However, this time can be extended or shortened according to the request of the organizer. According to my experience so far, the scenery does not change much in the case of mooring flight, so customers can be satisfied in about 5 minutes. If you have a preferred time, please feel free to let me know.
  • How high do you climb?
    Varies by flight type. In the case of "mooring flight", which is usually used for shooting events and magazines, the maximum altitude is 30m. The Japan Balloon Federation's "Mooring Flight Safety Regulations" stipulates that the flight should be limited to a maximum of 30m. The “Free Flight Experience”, which is used for documentation and interviews, is usually at a maximum altitude of about 1000m in the flying area.
  • Do you have insurance?
    Hot air balloons are insured by Sompo Japan Nipponkoa. Third party compensation: 200 million yen per accident Passenger injury: death 20 million, medical expenses 10,000 yen per day Therefore, injuries during hot air balloon rides can be covered by insurance. However, those who are not in the balloon and the crew are not included. ・Injured while preparing and collecting the balloon. ・After getting off, get injured by the rope. ・Heat stroke during waiting time ・Trouble before passengers go to the venue For this reason, we recommend that event organizers take out separate "event insurance". If you wish, our club can guide you. Please feel free to contact us.
  • Why are you early in the morning?
    The start time is early because the wind chooses a calm time to fly. During the daytime, the heat of the sun creates an updraft called a "thermal" that can make the balloon uncontrollable, so we will fly before that happens. Like in the morning, you can still fly in the evening as the heat of the sun weakens, but the chances of the wind becoming calmer are lower than in the morning, so the cancellation rate is higher.
  • Do I need a permit to fly?
    In the case of Japan's sky, if you submit a document called a "flight report" and apply, you can fly. When creating a flight report, check with the control around the flight area, the Self-Defense Forces, the US military base, and if you are flying for the first time, make adjustments, make adjustments, and apply to the aviation bureau. Therefore, strictly speaking, "permission" is not required.
  • Can't you fly if it rains (snow)?
    If it rains, it is difficult for the balloon to fly. Why ・The rain hits the envelope (balloon part), and the airframe becomes heavy and deflates. ・The rain flows into the inside of the gondola (boarding part) through the envelope, and it becomes a miserable condition. ・Because visibility is poor and air currents are easily disturbed, it is easy to lose control. ・The same is true for snow. For that reason, I don't fly when the forecast is for rain, and if it does rain, I try to get off as soon as possible.
  • What kind of clothes do you like?
    It's best to wear clothes suitable for outdoor mountaineering and hiking according to the season. Hot air balloons tend to get dirty with dirt and morning dew because the preparation and landing areas are grassy areas and rice fields. In particular, we recommend trekking shoes or rain shoes that you don't mind getting dirty. When boarding, you will have to straddle the gondola, so it is better for women to avoid skirts and heels. In addition, there are many mosquitoes in the summer because there is a vast wetland at the experience location. It is recommended to wear clothes that can protect against insects and sunburn.
  • Can I see a hot air balloon in flight?
    It is free for the general public to observe hot air balloons. Our club's main flight area, Watarase Reservoir, is visited by balloon pilots from all over the country throughout the year. Skyfield at the above URL can only be entered by those involved, but it is also possible for the general public to view it from the embankment. If you come at sunrise on weekends, you can see many balloons. If you want to see hot air balloons up close, you can also watch our flight. However, after the hot air balloon takes off, we will move by car while chasing the hot air balloon, but we only have seats for the number of passengers, so if you come, please come by your own car. Please come. If there is a schedule you would like to visit, please contact us at the email below so we can inform you of the meeting time. Please feel free to visit us.
  • Is it possible for a bird to peck and make a hole?
    It seems to be common in anime, but it is rare for birds to peck holes. First of all, it's a pretty big balloon, so most birds fly around it. Also, even if you accidentally make a bird-sized hole, the balloon won't suddenly fall. Even if there are some holes, it is possible to fly if you apply heat firmly. Also, the location of the hole above the half of the balloon is dangerous because heat accumulates, but the hole below the half does not affect it so much. The material of the envelope (balloon part) is also a grid-like mesh that prevents the holes from expanding. But of course if there is such a hole, we will repair it after landing so that we can fly safely.
  • How many people can you ride?
    It depends on the size of the balloon part called the envelope. There are 4 types of aircraft used in our club: 2-seater, 4-seater, and 6-seater. This is a two-seater balloon. Used for the FreeFlight experience. This is a 4-person balloon. Used for both BalloonWorkshop and FreeFlight experience. This is a 6-person balloon. Used for FreeFlight experiences and events.
  • Do pilots need a license?
    If you want to fly in Japan, you will need a "hot air balloon pilot skill certificate" issued by the Japan Balloon Federation. To become a pilot, you must complete 10 or more hours of on-board training with an instructor, 14 hours or more of classroom lectures, a written exam, and one or more solo flights, and then pass the final exam. I usually join a club and have an instructor teach me. Our club also conducts pilot training, so please feel free to contact us.
  • If you fly, will you return to where you took off?
    A balloon rides on different winds depending on its altitude, so it is possible if there is a returning wind. But if the wind isn't blowing, you can't come back. After the balloon flies, a tracking team called "chase" on the ground follows the balloon by car and retrieves the balloon after landing.
  • Do balloons not collide?
    When many balloons fly, such as balloon competitions, they may be crowded like in the picture. When the spheres (balloon parts) collide with each other, they just bounce off, so it's not a big accident. However, if the cover and the gondola (boarding part) collide, the cover will be damaged or the gondola will fall over, leading to a serious accident. In order to avoid such an accident, there is a rule of "lower balloon priority". When there is a balloon below, the upper balloon should not descend. Also, when the lower balloon rises, the upper balloon must also rise to avoid it. Of course, the balloon below must always look around and check if there is a balloon in the sky before rising. This is a photo of the 2016 Saga Hot Air Balloon World Championships. So, it ends up looking like this.
  • Shaking or drunk?
    The sway of a balloon depends on how it flies. In the case of the "free flight experience", it flows with the wind, so it actually hardly shakes during the flight. On the other hand, the "mooring experience" is connected with a rope, so it is easier to shake than the free flight experience due to the expansion and contraction of the rope. For many people, it feels like the opposite and they are amazed at the stability and security of the free flight experience. For that reason, almost no one gets drunk during the free flight experience. Please be assured that the mooring experience will not be held when there is a possibility of intoxicating shaking.
  • Please tell us about the attraction of balloons!
    The charm of balloons varies from person to person, but I will tell you what I personally think is the charm of our club pilot (Imamura). ①Vehicles to enjoy with all five senses In addition to the beautiful scenery and colorful balloons, I think there are many things that you can enjoy with your five senses, such as the temperature and power of the burner, and the quietness of the flight. Of course, the pilot flies while feeling the wind. I also like to enjoy the sounds, especially since I don't think there is any other vehicle that allows you to hear the birds chirp during your flight. ②Difficulty of maneuvering Different from airplanes, balloons that fly using only the wind as propulsion are difficult to steer to the desired destination, which is the skill of the pilot. That is why the feeling of riding the wind is irresistibly pleasant. ③Relationships with people If you continue hot air ballooning, you will have the opportunity to meet various people from Japan and overseas. The people I met there, from different countries and cultures, are all fascinating. Since we are dealing with the same vehicles, people who like balloons have a different stance on things like safety, airmanship, and sportsmanship, and this is reflected in their attitudes and actions. Meeting such people is an irreplaceable treasure.
  • Is it cold up there?
    It depends on the season and altitude, but if it is about 1000m above the ground, it is not much different from the ground. It is said that the temperature drops by about 0.6°C for every 100m rise, but due to air convection, the upper air can be warmer. In addition to burning flames, hot air balloons move with the wind, so you don't feel much wind in the sky. For that reason, the sensible temperature is often not that cold. In my experience as a pilot, I feel that the temperature doesn't change much from the ground unless you go close to 2000m.
  • How high can a balloon go?
    The balloon itself can rise to any altitude where there is air. The hot air balloon altitude record is 21,017 meters (68,986 feet). It will be about twice as high as an airliner flies. The world's highest altitude record for a hot air balloon was achieved by VIJAYPAT SINGHANIA in Mumbai, India on November 26, 2005. Normal flights rarely fly above 3000m. If you fly higher than that for a long time, you will need an oxygen cylinder, and the heat will be less fuel efficient. is.
  • How far can you fly?
    The distance the balloon travels depends on the wind speed of the day times the flight time. Also, it is difficult to explain how far the wind will fly because the direction and speed of the wind change depending on the altitude. The Watarase area where we usually fly is about 10km square, so please consider it within that range for normal flights.
  • How can I become a pilot?
    In Japan, Japan Balloon Federation issues a Hot Air Balloon Pilot Skill Certificate ", you need to do the following flow. (1) Register as a member of the Japan Balloon Federation (2) 10 flights with an instructor for 10 hours or more (3) Take a course authorized by the federation ④ Pass the written test ➄One or more solo flights ⑥Pass the final practical test To do this, many people join a nearby "balloon club" with instructors and train on weekends. Our club is also training. In a club that gathers for hobbies and activities, the cost can be kept to the extent of the club membership fee, but they fly only on holidays, and it may take several years to wait in line for other pilots to pass. At this club, although it costs money, you can book and fly on any day you like, even on weekdays, so you can get it at your own pace in a short period of time.
  • How do you decide which direction to go?
    The only propulsive force for a hot air balloon to move sideways is "wind". Therefore, I read the direction in which the wind blows and decide the direction to go. Winds vary in direction and speed depending on altitude. The pilot determines the direction of travel by subtly changing the "altitude" to read the different winds depending on the altitude. Therefore, it is important to have the technology to read the wind and the advanced operation technology to put the aircraft on the wind.
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