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About us

Pilot everyone to the adventure.

Let's guide everyone on an adventure full of new encounters and discoveries!

The Winning Balloon Club is a balloon club that mainly flies in the North Kanto Watarase area.
We offer flight experience, pilot training, participation in competitions in Japan and overseas, and business trips all over the country for events. We also have a balloon experience plan with accommodation at the guest house "SOLABASE".


If you look up the word "Winning" in the dictionary, it has the meaning of the adjective "attractive" and "attractive" in addition to the noun "victory."

Balloons teach us various things such as the weather and nature, cooperation with the region where we fly, and teamwork with people.

Through hot air balloons, I hope to attract everyone to the fascinating world of the sky.



Thank you for visiting the Winning Balloon Club website.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce how the Winning Balloon Club was born.

My father was a hot air balloon pilot, and I (Imamura) have been familiar with balloons since I was a child.

However, in contrast to that environment, elementary, middle and high school students spend their days playing baseball.

After that, when I became a university student and reconsidered my future, I thought, "Now is the time for my father to teach me piloting skills," and applied to become a pilot.

At the same time, from my experience backpacking around the world when I was a student, I came up with a goal to someday create a place where I could feel the charm of hot air balloons and experience encounters and discoveries just like when I went on an adventure!

After that, I got a job once, but my passion for hot air balloons did not cool down during that time, so I retired in 2015.

In 2016, the Winning Balloon Club was established and the balloon experience started.

At the same time, we spent about 4 years renovating a 100-year-old traditional house, and in 2019, we started a guest house "SOLABASE" where you can ride a hot air balloon.

Even now, we will continue to explore new possibilities for balloons while updating the experience that you can enjoy.

At the same time, the goal of the Winning Balloon Club is to become the world's number one in hot air balloon competition.

In fact, hot air ballooning is also the oldest sky sport.

I wonder what the scenery will look like when I become the best in the world. With such excitement, we are starting to move towards our next goal.



Shinnosuke Imamura

Influenced by his father who was a pilot, he obtained a hot air balloon license when he was a student. Certified Instructor and Inspector of the Japan Balloon Federation.

2011 Pilot qualification acquired

Launch of Winning Balloon Club in 2016

Participated in competition flight in 2019

・Watarase Balloon Race 6th Place


・Japan championship 10th prize

・Rookie of the Year


・Japan Championship​9th place


・Japan Championship 9th place

・Japan ranking 3rd

​・Hot Air Balloon Honda Grand Prix Overall 2nd Place

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